BIG ICE Party Pack

We’ve crafted the BIG ICE Party Pack with something for everyone. Because your job is to entertain the variety of people in your backyard. Our job is to help you impress them.

12 Sticks
Perfect for tall margaritas, seltzers, and your hipster friends.

12 Rocks
Great for Jack and Cokes, whiskey sodas, and traditionalists.

12 Flower Stones
For the most extra drink you can think up and the people that match.

12 Pebbles
Pairs well with rosé, mimosas, and your friends who love anything in a wine glass.

This pack includes all four bags of BIG ICE (sticks, rocks, flower stones, and pebbles) in a BIG ICE cooler.

$99 Value

All gift packs ordered online can be picked up at BIG ICE HQ.


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