It started with a BIG revelation …

Imagine a late night after a long day and a much-needed glass of bourbon at the Hutton Hotel bar in Nashville.

From that moment, James became obsessed with delivering ice’s ultimate form to the Cincinnati area. With the help of his son Charlie and his dedicated team, BIG ICE was born. Available in five unique sizes and shapes, BIG ICE can make whatever you’re drinking the best it can be.

Once you try BIG ICE, you’ll never think of ice the same way.

How It’s Made

Carefully crafted to ensure clear perfection.

Form massive ice blocks

Directional freezing over several days forces out impurities.


Temper the blocks

We allow each ultrapure block to warm slightly to temper them for carving.


Remove Imperfections

Ice-carvers use food-safe chainsaws to remove any remaining impurities.


Shape to Perfection

Each crystal-clear block is handcrafted into our five unique shapes.


We’re regular folks, just like you. But we f***ing love ice!

James Ferguson

CEO & President

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Charlie Ferguson

Vice President

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Andrew Kraemer

Director of Operations

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