Ice sculpture luge at a wedding

Transform Your Party with Ice Sculptures

Up your party game with unique and striking ice sculptures. Whether you're planning your dream wedding, throwing an end-of-year company party, or hosting a garden party to impress your in-laws, let's design a custom ice sculpture for the perfect, instagrammable party centerpiece!

Fill out the form below and let's get started elevating your next event with a custom ice sculpture.

happy bride and groom enjoying ice sculpture luge

Create Party Magic with Ice Luges

Ice luges are a game-changer for any event, adding an element of amusement and intrigue that keeps the party flowing.

Our expertly crafted ice luges create a unique, exciting guest experience with an interactive way to serve guests their drink. they're a visual marvel. Watch as your guests marvel at the chilled drink descending the icy slide, emerging perfectly cooled. It's a unique experience that lends a touch of magic and fun to your event, making it an unforgettable one. Plus, with the potential to incorporate LED lights, your ice luge can transform into a glowing centerpiece that's both functionally remarkable and visually stunning.

Christmas tree ice sculpture with LED lights

Light-up Your Ice Sculpture

Even beautifully clear ice sculptures deserve a glow-up. Add LED lights to your design to make your sculpture even more visually magical!

LED lights in the bottom of your sculpture provide dynamic uplighting but it doesn't have to stop there! We can freeze LEDs into any part of your design for another element that gives your sculpture life!